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Our readers and friends often ask "what do we think is really important from the deluge of developments in employment law, OSHA, NLRB, EEO and litigation?" With a request to "keep it short!" We also get questions about what are we reading, watching and listening to that is worth sharing and relevant to work. So here is my January 21 update.

This post is personal, and as the introduction to DVD's state ... this post does not reflect the views of FP, etc. It's a labor of love, and also a reflection of my conviction that safety is inextricably intertwined with broader HR issues.

I’m typed this while flying across the Atlantic to South Africa and Zimbabwe three nights ago. That’s not a relevant fact to this post … I just wanted to type the phrase. My normal post would start out, “I’m cooling my heels in the $%#! Newark Airport.” Pretty prosaic stuff.

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