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In addition to my own blogging and interviews, Fisher Phillips is developing more resources to continually update and assist employers in responding to challenges in the workplace caused by Ebola or the fears that the disease engenders. Today, however, we'll again use the F & P Workplace Safety Blog.

First, for backgound, please review my two blogs this weekend; the first which provides an ...

Cases under the ADA are fact specific. Often it is difficult to find clear cut standards for determining if an employee is qualified to perform the essential functions and if an accommodation is reasonable. In Attiogbe-Tay v. Southeast Rolling Hills LLC, a court concluded that a nurse who returned to work at a senior living facility was no longer qualified because of restrictions on squatting, kneeling and lifting. The Court also held that six additional weeks of leave was not a reasonable accommodation. The problem arose when the employee returned from 12 weeks of FMLA Leave for knee-replacement surgery. The nurse provided a note from her physician indicating that she could not kneel, squat or lift more than 50 lbs., and asked for more leave or other accommodations. The employer replied that it could not accommodate her by providing an additional six weeks of leave or by allowing her to seek assistance from coworkers when she had to lift or move a patient.


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