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Posts from September 2018.

FP has prepared Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) since Hurricane Katrina. Each year, we learn new things or of new problems and revise the FAQs further. We cover more than safety, although safety may be the longest section. Employees are injured and killed performing nonroutine clean-up and maintenance activities, including falls, carbon monoxide poisoning from portable generators, electrical, and bloodborne pathogens illnesses from filthy flood waters. We discuss leave, unemployment comp, wage-hour  and a host of other issues. Please don't be caught unprepared.

As we remember and honor those that fell on 9/11 and in the years since, we should also commit ourselves and our businesses to better plan for disasters. Indeed, in recognition of the beginning of the storm season, September is National Preparedness Month, with OSHA, FEMA and others mounting campaigns to get businesses (and individuals) to pause, do a What-if Analysis, and then take steps to protect employees, maintain business operations, or restore them.

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