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Posts from January 2018.

We separated the January 27 Post into two Posts for easier reading. This section contains the input of nationally recognized professionals on safety, employment and industry-specific issues which concern them.

Third edition of my effort to summarize certain important employment law, OSHA, and labor developments, news and practical insight. I also include references to books and podcasts that you may find useful in becoming a better manager and addressing labor and employment challenges, as well as personal development. This week's edition has three pages of comments from readers and interviews in Part 2.

Our readers and friends often ask "what do we think is really important from the deluge of developments in employment law, OSHA, NLRB, EEO and litigation?" With a request to "keep it short!" We also get questions about what are we reading, watching and listening to that is worth sharing and relevant to work. So here is my January 21 update.

A few practical observations from this week's AGC-National Winter Safety Committee Meetings, and a bit of personal philosophizing about safety and character and the people making a difference in workplace safety. I mention some of the key topics covered, greatest concerns, and details on complying with the new Silica standard.

What can the connection between legendary alternative rock band R.E.M. and veteran reporter Dan Rather tell us about workplace safety? Most probably didn’t even realize these two popular culture figures had anything in common, or would ever guess it relates to safety. Yet, a 1986 attack on Rather while he was walking alone to his Manhattan apartment linked the former CBS Evening News anchor to a rock band from Athens, Georgia forever, and the story might help you consider helpful techniques to protect your employees from danger. 

At Fisher Phillips, we unapologetically are Management Labor Lawyers and we are advocates for Employers. However, like our clients, we care about Employee Safety. We appreciate our friends on the other side of the table who share our commitment to worker safety and enliven the safety debate.

To be an effective manager, legal, and safety professional, one should keep abreast of more than just legal developments, so I hope that you enjoy these legal developments, and comments about books, movies, podcasts and other subjects. Sometimes I include other topics from the news, restaurants, and other topics; however, you'll have to go to for the full content.

US Attoney General Sessions today rescinded the 2013 Cole Guidance Memorandum outlining Federal prosecution efforts ... or the lack thereof ... with regard to Marijuana use under State Medical and Recreational Use laws. This action further muddies the water, has major business ramifications, and is quite divisive, even among the Anti-Drug Warriors. But does it really affect employers at the moment?

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