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While the bulk of our attention has been focused on the troubling Presidential race, employers would be well advised to more closely watch the US Senate races. As I type, the current Senate of 41 Republicans and 46 Democrats could shift to a Democrat body after the election. Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North Carolina Senate races are classified by the Wall Street Journal as “too close to call.” (Graphic below from WSJ, only better at WSJ!)

We were stunned to see a squared away State OSHA plan issue a million dollar OSHA citation earlier this month.

We should, therefore take note, when that state’s Governor actually spoke at the state’s “Governor’s Safety Conference,” and said that he is concerned about recent workplace fatalities. Governors only occasionally speak at the various “Governor’s” or other State Safety Conferences held throughout the South and Midwest.

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The general election is less than five weeks away. On November 8, 2016 - in conclusion of perhaps the most entertaining election cycle in U.S. history - American voters will finally determine if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will succeed Barack Obama as our nation’s President.

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