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Posts from January 2016.

An armed gunman just entered your workplace. You’re under stress. What is the first thing you and your management team do?

Does someone call the police?
Do you run? Fight? Hide?
Is there a security guard? What does he or she do?
What do your employees do?
Do you know the precise, step-by-step actions that you would take?
Do you have a system in place to minimize the likelihood of a catastrophe?
How do you handle the stress?

Employers quite rightly complain about the sheer number, intrusiveness and plain weirdness of California employment laws. However, Cal-OSHA and its regulatory scheme have not been that different from Federal-OSHA regulation. Yes, California requires the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP), but it’s not that burdensome a task. Cal-OSHA does present more exposure to criminal investigation filing a workplace fatality, but other states are following California’s lead. Traditionally, California has been more rational in its analysis of multi-employer worksites than the Feds or most other states. All this is to say, that we are not “Cal-OSHA bashers.”

I try not to rely on “the sky is falling” marketing. So please seriously consider my following “New Year’s Resolutions”. I prefer to prevent problems. I’ve linked to Rich Meneghello’s excellent Article and list, which includes additional subjects and recommendations.

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