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Posts from September 2015.

Note: This series was prompted by the DOJ’s September 9 “Yates Memo” focusing on increased executive prosecutions and renewed interest by OSHA in criminal actions.

We don’t see many employee or consumer safety criminal prosecutions, but when we do see one, people of all political persuasions tend to agree with bringing down the hammer. Anyone disagree with yesterday’s announcement of groundbreaking 28 year sentence for the peanut company CEO whose actions caused nine deaths and numerous cases of salmonella.

The answer to my admittedly provocative question is “probably not,” but recent developments demand that employers reconsider criminal exposure under labor laws, including the OSHAct.

My partner and fellow OSHA nerd, Ed Foulke and I were struck by the Region IV OSHA Administrator’s statement this week at the Georgia Safety, Health and Environmental Conference that he was the first OSHA Regional Administrator to have met with all of the US ...

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