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Posts from December 2014.

Would you like to see this statement about you and your business in the local papers?

"Corporation Sentenced for Safety Violations That Caused Employee Death."

I didn't think so. The referenced case reminds us that an employer is unlikely to go to jail for even a fatality associated with willful OSHA violations but lying to the Feds, fabricating evidence and asking employees to lie for you will land you in jail ... and rightly so.

Wow. In 30 years of practice, I've never seen so many expansive government moves, and certainly I've never seen more changes made by fiat rather than through the legislative or rulemaking processes. First the January 2015 Recordkeeping changes were announced, and then NLRB change, after change, after change. And there's a week and a half left! One's perspective of naughty or nice varies according to whether one is an employer or union or appointed official, but I'm thinking that employers feel as if they have been put on the Administration's naughty list. The coal does seem to be raining down on them.

This week’s NLRB Purple Communications decision about employee emails combine with today’s announcement by the NLRB of the so-called “quickie elections” process (Blog Post), is going to stir up employers. You should expect a bevy of marketing communications trying to sell you seminars and packages on how to remain “union free.”

Southeastern auto parts manufacturers need to stay on their toes. OSHA Region IV just announced $68,000 in citations against an Alabama metal stamping company that supplies oil pans, covers and parts for the auto industry. OSHA’s official press release emphasizes that the inspection was initiated as part of Region IV’s Emphasis Program for Safety Hazards in the Auto Parts Industry. We have discussed this Emphasis Program before and recommend that you check our March 28 Post.

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