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Does the FLSA apply in this scenario? Take our quiz, and check back for the discussion post.

The answer to our November 6, 2015 Quick Quiz is, "No".

Will Tom still be an exempt employee under the FLSA if he moves to part-time status?

The answer to our September 22, 2014 Quick Quiz is, "Yes, even though the payments are not tied to the on-call hours he works."

Do payments for being in "on-call" status affect an employee's FLSA overtime compensation?

The best answer to our July 3, 2014 Quick Quiz is, "This is true under some circumstances."

The answer to our December 11, 2013 Quick Quiz is, "No."

Apply your knowledge of the FLSA's child-labor limitations to this particular set of facts.

The best answer to our May 8, 2013 Quick Quiz is, "$110.00".

How do the FLSA's overtime requirements affect payment on a "day rate" basis?

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