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The unpaid-interns ruckus has now entangled President Obama.

New developments emphasize yet again that employers should only enter into these relationships with their eyes fully open.

The internship season is fast-approaching. The time to consider whether and under what circumstances to get involved in these relationships is NOW.

A former intern's FLSA lawsuit against The Hearst Corporation will proceed as a "collective action".

A few readers were surprised that, in some scenarios, a volunteer performing work for a federal Fair Labor Standards Act-covered non-profit organization might be an "employee" subject to that law's compensation requirements.

A reader of our March 14 post relating to unpaid internships at non-profit organizations asks whether non-profits can avoid the intern debate by offering "volunteer" opportunities to engage in charitable or public-service activities.

Are FLSA principles different for unpaid internships at non-profit organizations or for those sponsored by educational institutions for which the intern receives academic credit?

Lawsuits and other developments show that the prospects for FLSA claims by current or former unpaid interns are real and should not be discounted.

A spate of recent developments signals potential trouble for organizations allowing unpaid internships, particularly profit-seeking entities.

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