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Employers who plan to hire anyone under 18 years old this summer should be thoroughly familiar with the child-labor limitations prescribed under the FLSA.

The best answer to our July 3, 2014 Quick Quiz is, "This is true under some circumstances."

The answer to our December 11, 2013 Quick Quiz is, "No."

Apply your knowledge of the FLSA's child-labor limitations to this particular set of facts.

Employers who will be hiring minors under 18 years old should review in advance the FLSA's prohibitions and restrictions applying to those workers.

The FLSA's "Opportunity Wage" provision allows an employer to pay a worker under 20 years old at a subminimum-wage rate of at least $4.25 per hour under certain conditions.

Employers can expect more investigative attention to child-labor restrictions.

The U.S. Labor Department has released final revisions of its child-labor regulations under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

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