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Posts from July 2010.

The FLSA's "Opportunity Wage" provision allows an employer to pay a worker under 20 years old at a subminimum-wage rate of at least $4.25 per hour under certain conditions.

The U.S. Labor Department has released its general views about the meaning of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act's new lactation-break requirement.

A federal appeals court has held that Novartis's pharmaceutical sales representatives were not overtime-exempt either as outside salespersons or as administrative employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act or applicable state laws.

Established meal periods of less than 30 minutes are not necessarily worktime under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

An increasing number of federal Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuits and U.S. Labor Department investigations include claims based upon the employer's automatically deducting meal periods from non-exempt employees' recorded worktimes.

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