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You may have spent time drafting (or having your lawyers draft) enforceable restrictive covenants to protect your company's confidential and proprietary information, goodwill, and customer relationships, but have you ensured that a former employee cannot take intellectual property developed while working at the company? Not if you have omitted certain language required in a number of states.

Most companies include very broad assignment of ...

The medical device industry remains a hotbed for noncompete and trade secret litigation. A recent case from the 3rd Circuit reminds litigants to be careful what they wish for.

Every day businesses across the country merge and consolidate their operations. If your business acquires or merges with another business, consider these issues when drafting the agreements to make sure that you will get the benefit of your bargain.

The Protocol for Broker Recruiting makes it easier and less expensive to hire representatives from competitor firms. However, firms need to beware of certain pitfalls which could eliminate the protection of the Protocol and subject the hiring firm and its new representative to costly and time-consuming litigation, injunctions and damages.

When Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and UBS Financial Services formed the Protocol for Broker Recruiting six years ago, few people expected it to catch on. Today, membership includes almost 550 firms, and RIA's and small and medium-sized broker-dealers are reaping the benefits.

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