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Philadelphia has long been at the forefront of legislation limiting the use of criminal background checks in the hiring process, but, recently, Philadelphia expanded its existing legislation. In 2012, Philadelphia enacted the commonly-referred-to "Ban the Box" legislation, prohibiting employers from inquiring about a job applicant's criminal history before or during the applicant's first interview.

On November 16, 2015, a Texas-area franchise, signed a consent decree to pay $45,000 and furnish other relief to settle a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"). In its lawsuit, the EEOC charged that the franchise violated federal anti-discrimination laws when it forced Brooke S. Foley to take unpaid leave after the franchise's owner/general manager received information that Foley might be pregnant.

On December 21, 2015, Judge Joseph James of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas rejected as "invalid and unenforceable" a recently enacted City of Pittsburgh ordinance requiring most Steel City employers to provide workers with paid or unpaid sick time.

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On December 1, 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") provided significant guidance on workplace protections for individuals with human immunodeficiency virus ("HIV"). This guidance came at the end of a year in which the EEOC resolved over 200 charges of discrimination based on claimants' status as HIV positive. The EEOC also recovered over $825,000 for job applicants and employees who are HIV positive and were allegedly denied ...

Have you ever wanted to contact a former manager, officer, director, or shareholder of an opposing party corporation? Have you ever wanted to protect a former manager, officer, director, or shareholder from your opposing counsel’s inquiries? If you answered “yes” to either question, then please listen closely.

Allow me to begin this missive by painting a picture all too familiar to many HR professionals: The line of business that you support just recruited a key new team from the competition and they are set to begin soon. Consequently, the line of business is scrambling to finalize the financial details and wishes to have the new team’s on-boarding paperwork ready to go right away, as in yesterday.

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