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Yesterday Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter, acting by Executive Order, raised the minimum wage that must be paid by firms working on City contracts, receiving City financial assistance or operating under a City lease or franchise. The Order raises minimum wages for subcontractors beginning in a couple of weeks, and then it will move to $12 per hour in 2015.

Over the past couple of months there has been a flurry of legislative activity at the state level concerning an employer’s ability to access the social media accounts of potential or current employees. Legislation introduced in Connecticut, for example, (1) precludes employers from requiring potential or current employees to disclose the login information for their social media pages, (2) bars employers from asking potential or current employees to access a social media page “in the presence of [the] employer,” and (3) generally prohibits employers from taking adverse action in response to a potential or current employee who refuses to provide the login information for their social media pages or access such pages in front of the employer.

The prospects for federal trade secret legislation has heated up again as there appears to be bipartisan support for a new bill. After failing in previous years, Senator Coons (D) recently joined forces with Senator Hatch (R) to introduce a federal trade secrets act that would create a federal cause of action and create original federal question jurisdiction for trade secret actions in federal court. For those of you who want to read the details, you can review a copy of the bill here, and you can read Senator Coons’ press release.

Is Pennsylvania going to join the ranks of states and municipalities requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees? Senate Bill 1209, which was recently introduced and referred to committee, is intended to do precisely that; a similar piece of legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

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