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The Alien Tort Statute (ATS, also referred to as the Alien Tort Claims Act or the ATCA), an obscure piece of legislation enacted by the first Congress as part of the Judiciary Act of 1789, has been dusted off and relied on from time to time by foreign nationals. It has surfaced again this year.

On Monday, October 1st, as the leading case argued to the U.S. Supreme Court on its opening day this fall, the Court heard re-argument in Kiobel v. Royal ...

Portugal, a country with a population of over ten million people, like many European countries, has suffered a serious economic crisis that has resulted in a 15% unemployment rate across the country and a 78 billion-euro bailout in 2011 from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Portugal, a European Union member since 1986, and a founding member of the euro zone1, was the third country, following Ireland and Greece to require a ...

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